December 29, 2016

Photography Struggles and A Shop Update

For the past few weeks I have struggled to get pictures of my beads that I am satisfied with. I have taken (and re-taken) literally hundreds of photos. They are either too dark, or the sun is glaring on the glass. It has been a tough gig. If you want a good laugh, hop over to this blog and read another designers photography experience. I was right in that boat with her. It is exhausting......and I don't like it.
This morning I was looking for photography tips on one of my favorite blogs, Humblebeads, and I came to this post (from 2007!) I was totally falling into the camp of the washed out bead photos. I had read over and over to put your beads on a white background to let them stand out, but they didn't....the light never seemed right. Well, today I took Heather Power's advice and tried some backgound color and texture,and I am happy to report that my pictures have never looked better.

Old Picture - Washed Out & Boring

New Picture - Bright & Lively

Isn't that AMAZING! Same beads, same window, same iPad...HUGE difference!

And now for my shop update. I am so happy with how these rustic egg beads and organic headpins turned out. And the pictures? Perfect the FIRST time.....just some cropping and I was good to go - Hallelujah!

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